My cars take their names form Villains then follow a related theme. Ive got lots of trophies and been lucky enough to take part in major event's, heres a group photo taken at max power live (im far right)

installer challenge 2004


My Garage on Car Domain

My cars are featured in my garage on CarDomain, Have a look and give me some votes!


My Youtube Channel

There are also video's uploaded to YouTube



Pic 2


Still in build,


Baron SamediBaron Samedi

More processing power, with mobile phone control of the car

More of "Baron Samedi" Here



TEE_HEE was a great car to build, came away with a trophy ever time. Also had a magazine feature.

More of "TEE HEE" Here



My most sucesfull show car, 4 major refits.

More of "Whisper" Here