I felt the green car (whisper) never really got the attention it deserved and I found myself less interested in the politics of competition. I was however, getting more into Showing off, Meeting folk, and just building something that provoked an reaction.TEE HEE takes its name from the villian in the bond file "live and let die" the link is the amp rack arm resembles the baddies metal arm...

I had minis on my shortlist of cars to do. This one popped up on eBay for £700.  I bought the car drove it about for a few weeks to check it out before committing to it. It needed work on the brakes, new wings, A panels and odd welding of some holes in the floor.



TEE HEE was featured in july 2006 edition of miniworld magazine

Mini World FeatueMini World FeatueMini World Featue

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I have a YouTube channel which features video's of the cars>

  I totally stripped it sent away for the new panels, welding and a re-spray. I got the car back around November 2004  

The Finished car

Movies of the install

Amp rack fold out - Box Move up front - Gear Knob buttons - Joystick navigate DQX

Kit List:

Alpine  DVA 7996R, TME-M750

Audiocontrol DQX

Phoenix gold ancillaries (i.e.  Tdd5 etc)

MTX AudioT8000, T564, T801d, T7510-04 x2