Baron Samedi

Baron Samedi is a 2005 Smart Four Two. It's name comes from the voodoo priest in the film "live and Let Die". The link is voodoo (this car is cntrolled by mobile phone)

The mini had issues with corrosion (despite its back to metal re-spray) and was becoming a financial burden every time it went for MOT. Having built a smart car at max power live I appreciated its build quality and simple electrics / mechanics so felt it would make a very good car to base another project. Again I went with the sub right behind the seat. Many components we re-used from the mini such as the deck, EQ, actuators.  Factory dash was removed and replaced by my own version. The car has no key’s to it, I have removed all barrels, the smart car is controlled by my mobile phone.


I have a YouTube channel which features video's of the cars>




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Kit List:

Alpine  DVA 7996R, TME-M770

Audiocontrol DQX

Herts Mille Amp & Speakers