Kit List:


Alpine  DVA 7996R, CHA-S604, TME-M750

Audiocontrol DQX

Phoenix gold, TiTdd5, Ti500.4, Ti600.2

JL audio XR650CS, 2x JL10w6v2


Retirement year for this install


Install is unchanged this year from Whisper2003




Early June 2004 this car was stripped out.

Now planning / Building a more economical install.

See the FAQ for this car.


Results form 2004



Doncaster, April 2004 - IASCA Ultra Sqi:

5th Place 388 points.Could do better, Id lost interest.

Modified nationals, May 2004 - IASCA Ultra Xpert:

1st place 409.5 points

As this was my last show, thought Id try ultra X, I had more motivation put a lot more effort into the presentation. It paid off.